Crosby Hooks

  • U.S. ratings: When comparing to other hooks which are rated in short tons, the design factor of
    Crosby hooks (in short tons) is 5 to 1 for all carbon hooks, 5 to 1 for alloy eye and swivel
    hooks, 4.5 to 1 for alloy shank hooks and 4 to 1 for all bronze hooks.

    Application information: Application and warning information is available for Crosby hoist
    hooks. The Crosby Warning System is designed to attract the attention of the user, clearly inform
    the user of the factors involved in the task, and provide the user with proper application
    procedures. Each Crosby hoist hook is tagged with appropriate application and warning
    information, thus insuring that the information is available at the point of application.

    Charpy impact properties: Crosby's quenched and tempered hooks have enhanced impact
    properties for greater toughness at all temperatures. Crosby can provide typical Charpy impact
    properties on selected sizes upon special request at the time of order.

    Fatigue properties: Typical fatigue properties are available for selected sizes. In addition, these
    properties will be provided upon special request for other sizes. Crosby is in the process of
    fatigue rating hoist hooks to 20,000 cycles at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit.

    Ductility properties: Crosby's QC 1400 program provides results of actual test values for
    ductility of the material. These results are measured by reduction of area and elongation. This is
    done for each production lot and is traceable by the Product Identification Code (PIC).

    Tensile strengths: Crosby's QC 1400 program provides hardness, tensile, and yield strength for
    each production lot of hoist hooks. They are traceable by the Product Identification Code (PIC).

    Material Analysis: Crosby can provide certified material (mill) analysis for each production lot,
    traceable by the Product Identification Code (PIC). Crosby, through its own laboratory, verifies
    the analysis of each heat of steel. Crosby purchases only special bar forging quality steel with
    specific cleanliness requirements and guaranteed hardenability.

    Field inspection: Written instructions for visual, magnaflux, and dye penetrant inspection of
    hooks are available from Crosby. In addition, acceptance criteria and repair procedures for
    hooks are available.

    Proof testing: If requested at the time of order, hooks can be furnished proof tested with
    certification. All SHUR-LOC® hooks (S-316A) are 100% proof tested with certificates.

    Magnaflux: If requested at the time of order, hooks can be magnaflux
    inspected with certification.

    World Class Certification: Certification to World Class Standards can be furnished upon
    request at the time of order. Specific standards include American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds
    Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, American Petroleum Institute, RINA, Nuclear
    Regulatory Commission, and other world wide standards.

    Bronze Hooks: Crosby provides bronze shank hooks for non-sparking application.

    QUIC-CHECK®: Hoist hooks incorporate markings forged into the product which address two
    QUIC-CHECK® features: Deformation Indicators: Two strategically placed marks, one
    just below the shank or eye and the other on the hook tip, which allows for a
    measurement to determine if the throat opening has changed, thus indicating abuse or overload
    . Angle Indicators: Indicates the maximum included angle which is allowed between two (2) sling
    legs in the hook. These indicators also provide the opportunity to approximate other included
    angles between two sling legs.





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