Nicopress No. HY12, HY12A and HY12B power Jaw Tools Where continuous operation of hand tools reduces operator productivity, the Nicopress HY power hydraulic tool is recommended. For your convenience this tool can be hand held, counter balanced, or bench mounted. The jaws of the tool respond to push button or manual control, closing fully and rapidly around the sleeve. Each sleeve is pressed uniformly. The HY power tool presses copper oval sleeves and stops as small as 3/64" and as large as 3/8". All number 3 and number 30 tool heads will fit this tool with all heads being completely interchangeable.

The HY12 Nicopress Power Jaw Tool Equipped with hanger eye, a clevis handle bar, and a quick disconnect coupling. It may be used with hand or power hydraulic pump and is especially suited to bench mounting.

The HY12A Nicopress Power Jaw Tool (shown above) Equipped with pistol grip handle, actuating trigger switch and an electrical plug for connecting the normally open trigger switch to a solenoid operated hydraulic valve. This provides for remote operation. The trigger switch can also operate a motor control relay switch of a power pump.

The HY12B Nicopress Power jaw Tool Includes all of the accessories of the HY12 tool plus a pistol grip for ease of handling. Tool length....33" Shipping weight 14 1/4 lbs.