Pelican's new M10 Alkaline 4C is 11 1/4" in length and equipped with a handy on/off intermittent switch. The M10 is made of Xenoy® with a hi-temperature nylon lens. The sure grip sheath and head are made of thermoplastic rubber to resist chemicals and perspiration. Its pre-focused Xenon® Laser Spot beam penetrates fog and smoke. Safety approvals are pending. NON-SUBMERSIBLE

Product Specifications

  • Size: 11 1/4" L
  • Candlepower: 30,000
  • Battery Burntime: 5.5 hours @ 10°C/50°F
  • Color: Black, Yellow
  • Lamp Life: 30 Hours
  • Accessories: #8044 Replacement Lamp Module
  • #8057 Cordura Holster
  • #8052YW Traffic Wand—Yellow
  • #8052OR Traffic Wand—Orange