Big Ed™ is Pelican's new range of right angle flashlights specifically designed for firefighters. The Model 3750 Rechargeable uses a 4C Nicad Battery Pack and the Model 3700 uses 4C alkaline cells. The powerful Xenon lamp produces an unparalleled bright, collimated beam. A spare emergency lamp is included as a back up to the primary lamp. The unique push-button "Quick Change Battery Ejection System" allows the user to change the battery pack without the use of tools. The flashlight body is made of Xenoy®, an unbreakable chemical resistant resin, with a polycarbonate lens and thermoplastic rubber shroud. Big Ed™ can be carried comfortably in the hand, worn on a shoulder strap, or clipped to a turnout coat by its stainless steel clip. Big Ed™ is water-resistant and available with a personal identification decal for an additional cost.

Product Specifications

  • #3750 Big Ed (Rechargeable)
  • Body Material: Xenoy Polymer Resin
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate Resin w/ Thermoplastic Rubber Resin
  • Size: 7" Length
  • Color: Yellow
  • Lumens: 163
  • Lamp Life: 150 hours
  • Battery Burntime: 2.25 hours