NEMO™ 4C has the same sleek design of the popular NEMO™ 8C but is significantly smaller. It is watertight to 500 feet and made of Polymer with black thermoplastic overmolded accents. NEMO™ 4C is equipped with a polycarbonate lens with a perfectly focused reflector, an exterior electronic "leak proof" switch, spare lamp and optional personalized nameplate.

Product Specifications

  • Body Material: Polycarbonate Resin with Thermoplastic Rubber Accents
  • Tested Lumen Value: 112
  • Watts: 6.9
  • Peak Beam Candlepower: 60,000
  • Colors: Metallic Pewter Gray, Bahia Blue, Goldenrod and Black Onyx
  • Lamp Life: 30 Hours
  • Battery Burntime: 3.5 Hours @ 10° C / 50° F