Petzl Pulleys

Fixe - Fixed-side pulley
This pulley can be coupled with a Petzl rope clamp or grab to create a simple self-ratcheting pulley system. Bronze bushing is simple, strong and self lubricating.
Gemini - Swing-side pulley
A compact double pulley with precision sealed ball bearings. Perfect for creating lightweight haul systems, and for use in confined space rescue.
Kootenay - Knot-passing pulley
The Kootenay is a large pulley which allows the passage of knots in the rope. It can also be used as an edge roller. In addition by locking the sheaves using the two pins it becomes a bollard for use as a high-strength anchor.
Mini Traxion - Pulley and rope clamp / grab
The Mini Traxion is a pulley and rope clamp / grab all in one. Very compact, lightweight and exceptionally easy to place on the rope, it replaces the traditional pulley + carabiner + rope clamp / grab which is used for lifting a load or a person.
Pro Traxion - Swing sided self-jamming pulley
A self-jamming pulley which is specialized for lifting. With its 38 mm diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings and an additional return point allows hauling systems to be rigged up for lifting loads up to 8 kN while staying within the limits of the pulley.
The rope is easy to thread through do to a moving side-piece which is unlocked by pressing a button. This allows it to be threaded when it is pre-attached onto an anchor.
Rescue - Swing-side pulley
Designed specifically for heavy loads and intensive use, high-strength aluminum sides rotate to allow installation anywhere on rope. Sealed ball bearings offer excellent efficiency. Rigging hole is designed to accept 3 large carabiners.
Tandem - Double fixed-sided pulley
Mainly used for moving on a Tyrolean traverse, the 2 sheaves of the Tandem prevent the pulley from twisting, yielding a smoother, more stable ride.

Tandem Speed - Double in-line pulley, fixed sides
This double in-line pulley comes with ball bearings. It has been designed for use on cables or ropes. For use on ropes of diameter less than 13 mm or cables with a maximum diameter of 12 mm.
Rollcab - Rescue roller

This large roller is designed to be used for evacuations from cable lifts. Suitable for cables up to 55 mm in diameter, the Rollcab is connected to the harness directly with a locking carabiner. The Rollcab must be sued with the Jane Manucroche or Jane MGO lanyard as a backup.