Maxim Climbing Ropes

Certifications and specs are important, but what makes MAXIM a premier climbing rope is durability and excellent hand. They take extra care to ensure that all New England Rope is easy to knot, easy to clip and durable.

MAXIM dynamic ropes are manufactured with 48 sheath yarns, stabilized yarns, and high twist levels. This ensures maximum abrasion resistance, minimum shrinkage, and a round tight sheath.

"If I've forgotten that I'm tied into a rope while I'm climbing, then I know I've chosen the right one."

-- Timmy Fairfield

New England Ropes has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, specialized rope designs for more than thirty years. They are a premier manufacturer of static and dynamic ropes.

They were the first American rope manufacturer to earn UIAA & CE approval.

New England manufactures every part of their ropes from core yarns to cover. All MAXIM ropes are hand inspected before leaving our factory.

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