Rope Accessories

Bokat Rope Washer

A built-in brush makes this an excellent rope cleaner. Just hook up to a hose, turn on the water, and pull the rope through. The water loosens dirt and the brush scrubs it off. PVC housing is hinged with flexible vinyl hinge co-extruded for longevity. Velcro fasteners adjust for different rope or hose diameters up to 3/4".

Made in USA.

Product # Description Weight
RC48002 Bokat Rope Washer 15 oz (425 g).

SMC Rope Washer

Designed to clean all types of muddy and dirty ropes using tiny jets of water. Simply attach to a hose faucet or garden hose and pull the rope through. Heavy- duty PVC plastic. Available in two sizes.

Made in USA

Product # Description Weight
SM143500 Rope Washer 11 - 12.5 mm 7 oz (183 g)
SM144000 Rope Washer 13 - 16 mm 9 oz (250 g)

Whip-End Dip

Seal your rope ends to prevent fraying and add a color-coding option to your gear with this water-based liquid vinyl compound sealant.

Made in USA.

Product # Description Weight
RC48011 Clear 6 oz (161 g)
RC48012 Red 6 oz (161 g)
RC48013 White 6 oz (161 g)

Electric Hot Knife

Fusing rope ends helps to protect your rope and prevent unraveling after you cut your rope. This table top model operates on 110 volts AC, and features a red "on" light. Replacement blades available.

Made in USA.

Product # Description Weight
RC48014 Electric Hot Knife 2.25 lb (1018 g)

Cordage Meter

If you regularly cut rope off a spool. a cordage meter is an indispensable tool. Just pull the rope through the meter and watch the continuously displayed rope length through the counter window. Available in English or Metric. 2.6 Ibs (1.18kg) Meter may be mounted to a work surface for heavy use with optional mounting brackets. 3 oz (83g) Extended bracket allows the meter to be pivoted out of the way when not in use.

Made in USA.

Product # Description Weight
RC48003 Rope Meter-English Units 2.6 lb (1.18 kg)
RC48004 Rope Meter-Metric Units 2.6 lb (1.18 kg)
RC48005 Extended Bracket 1 lb (454 g)
RC48006 Standard Bracket 3 oz (83 g)

Sherrill Big Shot

Rapidly deliver a leader line across difficult terrain. vertical or horizontal, with this innovative and economical alternative to traditional "line guns". Unit can be assembled in a matter of seconds and will throw a lightweight Spectra line up to 120ft vertically or more than 300 ft horizontally. Strong leader may be used to pull a larger rope into place. Practically anyone will be able to achieve amazing accuracy with minimal practice time. Mount on rigid pole (sold separately, or use your own) for proper function. Applications range across a wide array of disciplines from tree care to lift evacuation. Deluxe Kit contains, Big Shot head, Two 4-foot sections to make an 8 foot mounting pole. line rod and reel, 250' of 200 Ib test Spectra line and carrying case.

Product # Description Weight
LT41010 Deluxe Kit 15.1 lb (6.8 kg)
LT41001 Sherrill Big Shot Head Assembly 2.2 (1 kg)
LT41009 Two Piece Mounting Pole 3.2 lb (1.4 kg)
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