There is nothing delicate about the Delica. It provides a sense of solidity yet doesn't feel like you are toting a heavyweight. The smooth metal handle give you surface area for adding personal engraving or Embellishment. The hollow-ground, modified skinning-style blade is made of AUS-6 which is loaded with a carbon level of around 1% for advanced edge retention. Two sets of pre-drilled holes let the clip be positioned for tip-up or tip-down carry.


They make excellent hard-use knives by virtue of their heft and solidity and also offer a surface for custom engraving and Embellishment. The C10 Endura has a modified skinning-style blade, laser cut out of AUS-6 high carbon steel. Two sets of pre-drilled holes allow the metal clip to be positioned for a tip up or tip down carry. Blade is hollow ground. A David Boye Dent has been added to the locking lever for 2002.


Appropriately named, the C08 Harpy resembles the claw of an eagle. Designed for controlled, pulling cuts, the Hawkbill Blade shape comes from the marine/commercial fishing industry where severing rope, line, webbing or netting is done at arm's length, quickly and effectively. The curved arc of the blade keeps whatever you're cutting from slipping off the tip. David Boye's dent in the locking lever allows for gripping the handle tightly without accidently unlocking the blade. The stainless handled C08 features a cutout for fast drying when used in or around water. Blade is hollow ground.


Available in three colors, this "loose change" knife makes an ideal choice for a lady's hand bag or a youngster's first folding knife. The Ladybug is a lockback mini-Spydie for your keychain, pocket or purse. It's clip-less and has a FRN handle in black, blue or red. The combination SpyderEdge and PlainEdge will surprise you with its cutting ability.


The choice of law enforcement officers for over a decade, the C07 is a workhorse. One of the most efficient Spyderco designs to date, the Police Model provides exceptional strength in a slim and comfortable carry. The Police Model is a big knife that rides in your pocket with surprising comfort. It's designed to pack as much blade length as possible into a slim, same sized handle. The David Boye Dent in the locking lever allows for a tight grip without accidently releasing the lock. The C07 is fully stainless steel with a hollow-ground blade. Now available with VG-10 steel.

Rescue Jr.

The folder you need when you want to cut something, not someone. The Rescue Jr. has a Sheepfoot Blade that is rounded at the tip. Specially designed Ergonomics provide a comfortable Choil for the forefinger and the hump over the hole gives purchase for the thumb. An excellent knife for emergency personnel (cutting seatbelts), rafters (using inflatables), ranchers (cutting around livestock), just to name a few. Blade is hollow ground.

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