Survivor® has long held the trust and respect of professionals around the world. Now, there are more good reasons than ever to make it your flashlight of choice for your job's most challenging situations.

Our new Survivor is stronger and more reliable than ever. Lightweight and built from a high-impact nylon casing, the Survivor offers exceptional durability and weather resistance. Rugged enough to survive the UL 30-ft. drop test, Streamlight's new and improved professional light is also engineered with a one-way valve for case venting and "O" ring sealed openings to protect against moisture and dirt.

'Black dot' bulb is specifically designed to cut through dense smoke, fog, and mist. Rotary two position switch is non-incendive to tough Factory Mutual standards.
Model Battery Lamp Material Color Weight
(with battery)
Dimensions Run Time Candlepower* Special Features
Fast Charge
Nickel cadmium 4.8 volt, 1.6 amp hour, sub-C; rechargable up to 1,000 times. 5.3 watt, 4.8 volt pre-focused black dot xenon, with machined aluminum reflector Flashlight case is mane from high impact, super tough nylon and is "O" ring sealed; unbreakable Lexan® lens; two-position rotary swithc is "O" ring sealed. Orange Yellow 15.4 Ounces 6.88" (H) x 3" (W) x 3.38"(D) 1.5 hours of contunuous use between charges up to 15,000 pre-focused One hour 120V AC or 12V DC Fast Charge. Factory Mutual approved for use in hazardous (classified) locations Class I , Division 2 Groups, A,B,C,D Temperature Rating T2 and Class II, Division 2 Groups F,G Temperature Rating T4A.
Steady Charge
Same as Fast Charge Same as Fast Charge Same as Fast Charge Same as Fast Charge Same as Fast Charge Same as Fast Charge Same as Fast Charge Same as Fast Charge Ten Hour 120V, 230V AC or 12V DC Steady Charge, Same FM ratings as Fast Charge.
* Maximum peak beam candlepower. Lexan® is a registered trademark of General Electric

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