C3 Centurion

The C3 is the three battery version of the C2. It gives you all of the same important features but provides the power of three 123A size batteries producing either 105 lumens for one hour or 200 lumens for 20 minutes (using our P91 Ultra high output lamp assembly).

  • Ergonomic flatside body style
  • Designed to be easily carried
  • Stainless steel pocket clip
  • Lock out tailcap which disables the light from activating during transport, storage and use
  • Flawless beam, always in focus
  • Very High light output
  • Excellent Self-Defense tool, as it will temporarily stun a threat by directing the beam into the eyes
  • Available in:
    Black or Type III Hard Anodized Grey.
    Supplied with the 105 lumen P90 Lamp Assembly