D2 Defender

The D2 Defender features a pocket clip and a Lock-Out Tail Cap integrated seamlessly into the new body style. Produces 65 or 120 lumens of perfect white light, depending on which lamp reflector assembly is used.


A common sense evolution of our classic 6P, this tool takes personal use lights to the next level.

  • Attractive new body style
  • Small size, designed to be easily carried
  • Stainless steel pocket clip
  • High light output
  • Flawless beam, always in focus
  • Lock out tailcap which disables the light from activating during transport, storage and use
  • Good Self-Defense tool, as it will temporarily stun a threat by directing the beam into the eyes
  • Can be converted to use rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries
  • Available in Black.
    Supplied with the P60 sixty five lumen lamp assembly