E2 Executive

The next step up in SureFire's popular Executive series, the E2 uses two 123A size lithium batteries which provide an extra long 75 minutes of run time with an amazing 60 lumens of light output.

Slim, unobtrusive, and extremely powerful, the SureFire Executive series have quickly become the favored lights for plain clothes and detective work, crime scene investigation, and many other law enforcement tasks. These same qualities that make the E2 an excellent tool for law enforcement professionals make it an ideal companion for everyday use by everyone.
  • The smallest 2-battery light we’ve ever made, the E2 Executive puts out an amazing amount of light for such a small package.
  • This light can be used for many functions, general purpose, illumination of objects, navigation, and even the visual stunning of aggressive threats.
  • Lightweight and slim, with a stainless steel pocket clip, the E2 Executive is wonderful multi-purpose illumination tool.
  • 2 Finishes available:
    Satin Gray and Type III Hard Anodized.