Open Gear

Worm Gear Hand Winch

Machine Cut Worm Gears provide accurate operation and long lasting service.

Enclosed Oil Bath provides continuous lubrication of gears to minimize wear, except on Model 465. On Model 4WM2 oil seals keep oil in and dirt out.

Hex Drive and handle are included. Model 4WM2 can be power driven with a maximum 400 rpm drill-motor.

Automatic Brake Models provide positive load control for lifting. Brake models have a PB or B suffix.

Model 4WM2 features an internal mechanical brake.

Corrosion Resistant durable paint finish protects against corrosion in harsh environments.

Bronze Bearings on most models for smooth operation.

Large Diameter Drums minimize wire rope wear.

Handles Adjust in length to change force required to move the load.

Mounting Options include floor, wall, or ceiling. Add 10% for factory modification for wall or ceiling mount, adapter plate may be required.

Wire Rope Assemblies sold separately.

Performance Characteristics
Load Rating Drum Capacity¹
Model No. Description 1st Layer Mid Drum Full Drum Wire Rope Diameter 1st Layer Mid Drum Full Drum Gear Ratio Force to Lift
1000 lb.²
Approx. Ship Wt. (lb.)
465 Open Gears
(recommended for pulling only)
750 510 370 1/8
20:1 21 lb 12
¹Actual drum capacities may be 25-30% les, due to non-uniform winding. Tensioning in the wire rope will also affect drum capacity.

Important: It is the owner's or operator's responsibility to determine the suitability of the equipment to its intended use. Study all applicable codes, manuals, and regulations. Be sure to read the Owner's Manual supplied with the equipment before operating it.

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