Piggy Back Wedge Socket Clips

Wedge Socket Clip will provide maximum holding strength when used according to the specifications listed and by following these instructions:

Wedge Socket Clip will develop maximum holding strength only when used in conjunction with a wedge socket termination as instructed herein. Refer to socket manufacturers information to determine efficiency of wedge socket being used.

In accordance with good rigging and maintenance practices, the wire rope end termination should be inspected periodically for wear, abuse, and general adequacy.

Clip Size (In.) Tail Length -Min. (In.) * Torque (Ft.-Lbs)
3/8 6 45
7/16 6 65
1/2 6 65
9/16 6 95
5/8 6 95
3/4 6 130
7/8 6 225
1 6 225
1⅛ 225
1⅜ 360
9 360
* The tightening torque values shown are based upon the threads being clean, dry, and free of lubrication
  1. Dead end wire rope tail length should be at least 6 inches rope diameters but not less than 6 Inches beyond the wedge socket. FIG. 1
  2. Apply U-bolt and first saddle on dead end rope and the second saddle on the live end rope. Install nuts. FIG. 1 & 2
  3. Position the dual saddle clip so that 3 to 4 inches of dead end rope remain beyond the clip. FIG. 1 & 2
  4. Tighten nuts evenly. Alternate tightening each nut until reaching the required torque specified. FIG. 2
  5. Check that clip does not pinch or clamp the live wire rope. Apply an initial test load equal to the loads expected in regular use. Be certain rope is secured properly in the wedge socket prior to any use.
  6. Inspect for proper rope alignment with wedge socket and retighten the nuts to the specified torque.

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