RA/SMC Pulleys

Russ Anderson/SMC pulleys have the high quality and strength necessary for rescue systems. The stainless-steel sideplates rotate, allowing the pulley to be attached to the rope at any point. The axle nuts are double locked to the steel axle and marked with a witness line to indicate any loosening. The heavy-duty, heat-treated aluminum alloy wheels combine lightweight with high durability.

Item # Size
Thread Dia.
Rope Size
Type Bearing Type Strength Weight
315000 2 ½ Single Oilite Bronze 6,000 lb (26kN) 8.6 oz.
315050 2 ½ Single Ball Bearing 6,000 lb (26kN) 8.8 oz.
315100 3 2⅜ Single Oilite Bronze 9,000 lb (40kN) 1 lb 2.0 oz.
315200 4 3⅜ Single Oilite Bronze 9,000 lb (40kN) 1 lb 7.4 oz.
315250 4 3⅜ Single Ball Bearing 9,000 lb (40kN) 1 lb 7.7 oz.
315500 2 ½ Double Oilite Bronze 9,000 lb (40kN) 1 lb 7.7 oz.
315700 4 3⅜ Double Oilite Bronze 9,000 lb (40kN) 2 lb 9.8 oz.

For many years, the classic Russ Anderson Knot Passing Pulley has performed as a knot pass pulley, as an edge roller, or as a high-line carriage that will accept multiple track lines. The lower sheave position allows more room for passing knots. The flat bottom provides a solid footing when used as an edge roller. Pins lock the sheave when the pulley is used as a high-strength tie-off. Rotating side plates allow rigging at any point on the rope. The large carabiner holes will accept multiple large rescue carabiners. The 3-inch tread diameter, 2 1/2 inch wide acetyl sheave is mounted on Oilite bushings. The heat treated aluminum sideplates are anodized gold.