Rescue Systems, Inc.

4" Rescue pulley
Designed for ropes through 5/8" diameter. Ultralight weight 4" sheave fitted with Oilite
® bushing or sealed bearing. Rotating high strength alloy aluminum sideplates allows placement anywhere on rope. Triangular rigging hole accepts up to three 13mm carabiners. Special design of this rigging hole prevents the user from having to "side-load" a carabiner when multiple carabiners are required.
M.T.S. Weight Pitch Dia. Color W.L.L.
10,000 lbf. 26 oz. 3.5 " Gold 1,000#

3" Double Sheave Pulley
Designed for use in two-rope hauling / lowering systems or in multiple pulley mechanical advantage systems. Accepts rope through 5/8" diameter.
Features two 2 3/4" diameter x 7/8" wide sheaves separated by a high strength alloy aluminum plate. Triangular rigging hole accepts up to three carabiners. Larger hole in the mid-section of sideplates allows the use of larger carabiners.
M.T.S. Weight Color W.L.L.
12,000 lbf. 24 oz. Red 1,200#

Haul Safe Pulley
These pulleys include a spring loaded cam to secure the rope. Heavy duty life support one piece design exceeds all applicable NFPA, OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards. Designed for 7/16" rope but will accept 1/2" NFPA lines. Available in single or double sheave models.
Dimensions M.T.S. Weight Color W.L.L.
3 1/2" x 11" 10,000 lbf. 24 oz. Red 1,000#

Steel Cable Pulley for 3/8" Cable
This pulley is specially designed to roll on 3/8" steel cable. When used as a trolley pulley the special design prevents the pulley from flipping over and not riding on the sheave. All stainless steel construction with stainless sheave to last outdoors for years.
Weight M.T.S. W.L.L.
30 oz. 10,000 1,000#

T.R.A.M. Pulley
This Tandem Rigging Advanced Model pulley is designed for smooth rolling on traverse lines. The tandem design reduces the uneven movement of single roller pulleys. The design provides flexibility in attachments methods. Extremely high strength and built-in redundancy. All stainless steel parts with sealed bearings.
Weight M.T.S. W.L.L.
80 oz. 10,000 lbf. 1,200#