Heavy Duty Power Winch Options

Electromagnetic Brake
Jeamar's disc-type electromagnetic brake is automatically activated in the event of a power interruption. The brake will stop the winch and hold the load securely. The brake is standard on lifting winches; optional on hauling winches.
Grooved Drums
In installations where space is restricted, grooved drums are necessary to correct the fleet angle and ensure level winding. For critical push-pull type applications, grooved drums ensure that equal diameters are maintained during winding and unwinding operations. Grooved drums also eliminate excessive rope friction.
Rotary Limit Switches
Connected directly to the winch drum, the rotary limit switch regulates the number of turns of the drum. The switch allows precise control over the amount of rope to be wound and unwound. This feature is particularly useful for repetitive, dock side or other applications where the load is not visible to the operator.
Winch controls are available in standard NEMA and EEMAC approved enclosures (NEMA/EEMAC 4 enclosures are supplied as standard). Controls consist of a reversing starter, overload with reset, a transformer to reduce voltage at the push-button station, and a safety fuse to prevent overload on the control circuit. Jeamar supplies "deadman" two-button stations (up and down) in NEMA and EEMAC approved all-weather enclosures, available in wall mounted or pendant type configurations.
Pressure Roller
With a grooved drum, good spooling must be maintained and the rope must be seated firmly in the grooves, a condition normally achieved by maintaining tension on the rope. When tension cannot be maintained, Jeamar offers a unique pressure roller that acts to hold the rope firmly in the grooves.
Corrosion Resistance Package
This feature, ideal in hostile environments, protects the motor, brakes and all moving parts.

Explosion Proof
Fully explosion-proof motors, brakes and controls are available for applications in highly sensitive or volatile environments.

Variable Speed and Torque Limitation
All Jeamar winches can be supplied with a variable frequency drive package which allows variable speed operation when critical load placement is required. The variable frequency drive controls the amount of current the motor can draw, limiting the amount of torque the electric motor can produce.

Large Drums
Large capacity drums are available for installations using greater-than-normal amounts of rope.

Important: Due to Jeamar's policy of continuing development, all specifications are subject to change without notice. Users of these products are responsible for ensuring their suitability for the application in which they are being used.