Fixed Steel Ladders

Perfect Solution for Vertical Access

Cotterman Fixed Ladders are the perfect solution for vertical access. Applications range from roof access on buildings to complex systems on large structures such as grain silos or bridges. All products in the Fixed Ladder series are available in powder coated steel, hot dipped galvanized, or stainless steel. In addition, the Modular option is available which breaks down this inherently long product to smaller sections. Each section is less than seven feet in length, making transportation and installation far easier.

Due to the strict OSHA guidelines for this product, consultation with one of the Cotterman sales staff is highly recommended. The sales staff specializes in querying the customer for all pertinent data to provide the exact Fixed Ladder solution for the application. Furthermore, Cotterman has years of experience in designing custom ladder solutions, with a complete engineering staff to provide recommendations and drawings for customer approval.