Ascenders and Rope Grabs


Left (gold) and Right (blue) handed models. Used for self-belaying on fixed ropes, as a handle when you need to pull on a rope, as well as for climbing ropes. The grip insulates your hand in cold conditions, and is large enough to take bulky gloves. Safety catch can be operated with one gloved hand. Oval holes at top allow use of “D” shaped carabiner.

Individually tested.

Basic Ascender

Light and compact, the BASIC has the ability to be put on/off the rope quickly. Useful for occasional rope ascending, emergency use, or where the security of an enclosed ascender is undesirable. Individually tested, UIAA approved and CE marked.

Croll Ascender

This Petzl ascender is designed to lie flat against the chest when mounted between seat and chest harness in an ascending rig.


A special rope clamp developed for large-diameter rope, the Macrocender is particularly effective as a safety device when ascending or descending fixed ropes.

Specs :
For use on single rope, 12 to 19 mm ø.
Weight: 335 g


The Macrograb was developed for permanent installation on large-diameter rope. This feature is particularly desirable in areas where multiple users are working over long periods and simple fixed protection is necessary (construction of roofs, rock scaling).

Specs :
For use on single rope, 12 to 19 mm ø.
Weight: 335 g


The advantage of the Micrograb is that it can be permanently installed on the rope. This prevents accidental disengagement of the device and simplifies use. The Micrograb is an essential component of an adjustable work positioning lanyard which is currently used by arborists in many countries.

Specs :
For use on single rope, 9 to 13 mm ø.
Weight: 175 g

MIO Rope Grab

Exceeds OSHA requirements for personal fall protection equipment - with or without the addition of a shock absorbing lanyard! This highly effective self-trailing rope grab grips automatically in the event of a fall and dissipates the energy of the fall by slipping along the rope. The amount of slip and impact force, even under the maximum OSHA fall (6 ft), are well within OSHA guidelines.

This non-destructive action is highly preferred over shock absorbing lanyards which tear or rip. Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and durability. Removable dual-action pin allows easy placement of rope grab anywhere along the length of the rope. Requires two hands for installation and removal from the rope. For use only with approved synthetic low-stretch kernmantle life safety rope.

Note: The MIO rope grab has been tested and is approved for use with PMI EZ Bend and Max Wear. Performance of the MIO rope grab with any other brand/type of rope will vary.


A big advantage for long rope ascents. With the Pantin, supporting the foot holds the body in a more upright position and makes the ascent faster and less tiring for the arms. The Pantin is also easily removed from the rope with a simple movement of the foot. The Pantin is used only on the right foot and in complement with the Croll and Ascension rope clamps/grabs: the Pantin is not an item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Specs :
Weight: 122 g
For use on single rope, 8 to 13 mm ø.

PMI Griptech

Lighter, smaller, but still a big performer, the Grip Tech Jr is just as rugged and incorporates all the key advantages of its big brother. Less aggressive teeth and a specially shaped cam and shell help protect the rope from accidental damage. This extra small ascender fits in a shirt pocket, weighs only 174g, and accommodates rope up to 1/2” (12.5 mm). In spite of its small size, its breaking strength exceeds that of most other ascenders. GripTech Jr should only be used on 11-12.5mm inch ropes.

PMI Puma - Handled Ascenders

Professional Use handled ascenders for ascending, positioning on fixed ropes, or gripping a rope to pull. Durable body is large enough to take a bulky glove, and surrounded by an ergonomic insulating hand grip. Actual strength in the field is dependent on the rope used. Smaller diameter (< 10 mm) and/or dynamic ropes may fail as low as 1000 lb without damage to the ascender. Each ascender is factory proof test loaded to 1100 lb (4.89 kN). UIAA approved and CE marked.


The Rescucender is a compact rope clamp / grab designed for hauling heavy loads. Used for pulling on the rope or as a progress capture device, its unique grooved cam can slip slightly if overloaded, acting as a load limiter. Installation on the rope is a quick, two-step process providing greater security. The Rescucender can also be used as a positioning or safety device when ascending or descending fixed ropes.

Specs :
For use on single rope, 9 to 13 mm ø.
Weight: 250 g


This is the smallest and lightest rope clamp / grab on the market. It will get you out of many difficult situations, such as setting up a quick hauling system or climbing a rope. This is an emergency rope clamp / grab which you should always keep close at hand.

Specs :
Weight: 39 g
For use on ropes, 8 to 11 mm ø.