Lanyard with Locking Snap on Each End

  • Available in ½”, 3-strand filament Dacron.
  • Use as aerial bucket lanyard, simple flipline, basic safety lanyard.
  • Length 6’ or 8”

Buckstrap / Adjustable Lanyard with Locking Snaps

  • Available in ½” or 5/8”, 3-strand filament Dacron, 12-strand Dacron Pro single braid or coated Sta-Set double braid.
  • Sliding Prusik allows use as adjustable flipline.
  • Length of adjustability: 3’-6’ or 4’-9’.

Flipline / Beranek Lanyard – Backsplice on One End, Locking Snap on Other End

  • Available in ½” or 5/8”, 3-strand filament Dacron or Sta-Set double braid.
  • Use as adjustable flipline with either Prusik loop or mechanical adjustment device.
  • Easy to adjust length by simply pulling on “tail.”
  • Length: 8’

Wire Core Flipline

  • Available in ½”, Safety Blue Hi-Vee braided over wire.
  • Tight snag free construction.
  • Suze and construction allow use of most ascenders/adjusters.
  • Unique eye termination helps alleviate pivot point stress for increased service life.
  • Lightweight for improved performance and easier use.
  • Length: 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’; with eye in both ends or eye in one end and locking snap in the other.

Prusik Loop with Locking Snap

  • Available in ½”, 3-strand filament Dacron or nylon, 12-strand single braid, or Sta-Set double braid.
  • Locking snap spliced into the rope for versatility and ease of operation.
  • Tie into a Prusik knot as a safety on a climbing line or as an adjustment for fliplines.
  • Length: 20”

Without Locking Snap

  • Spliced continuous loop.
  • Eliminates the need to check and retie knots.
  • Use with locking carabiner.
  • Length: 20”, not available in 3-strand.

Footlock Runner Locking Snap on One End,
11” Eye on Other End

  • Available in ½”, 12-strand single braid, Sta-Set double braid or 3-strand filament dacron.
  • Loop can be tied into a Prusik knot around climbing line for use as a limb walking lanyard or a footlock safety.
  • Allows extra “freedom” while working in the tree.
  • Length: 42”