Dynamic Climbing Rope

Dynamic "Single" Rope - 10.6 Cirque

Higher elongation UIAA certified ropes for mountaineering, rock and ice climbing or anywhere energy absorption is needed to arrest a fall with the rope. PMI Dynamic Ropes are engineered for low impact force, maximum number of falls, and zero sheath slippage - a climber‘s best friend.

Dynamic "Single" Rope - 10.2 Spire

The Spire is an all around excellent rope that is as at home on the crags as it is on long alpine routes. At less than 70 grams per meter, it is a favorite of guides and others who want to combine maximum mileage with minimum weight.

Dynamic "Single" Rope - 9.7 Arete

OK, so maybe you aren't quite ready for a rope that's thinner than your pinkie - but you're sharp and every ounce counts when you're climbing on the edge. The lightweight Arete is a great compromise with performance that rivals any fat rope. Half & Half patter

Dynamic "Single" Rope - 9.4 Elite

 When you're focused, nothing should slow you down, especially your rope! This 57.3g/m rope weighs in at 1/3 less than some of it's beefy cousins, making it a favorite of competitive and speed climbers around the world.

 Dynamic "Half" Rope - 8.6 Fusion

The perfect half rope for trad climbing - 17 falls, impact force only 5.5 kN (Half technique), and your partner can share the load on the approach. Except for glacier travel, the Fusion should always be used in pairs, and is UIAA rated as Half and Twin Rope