Static Rescue Rope

PMI Classic Static Rope

Static ropes, according to U.S. Cordage Institute Standards, should offer less than 6% stretch at 10% of their minimum breaking strength. PMI offers both nylon and polyester static ropes, to meet your every need. Note that polyester, in general, offers less force absorption than nylon and can make a sheath feel more 'slippery' in use.

9mm Classic Staic EZ Bend

9mm (23/64") Classic Static Rope - MBS:19.35kN, Weight: 53g/m, Elongation: 2.5%(300lb) 4.3%(600lb) *Prices are listed per meter

10mm Classic Static EZ Bend

10mm (25/64") Classic Static Rope - MBS:25.4kN, Weight: 74g/m, Elongation: 1.6%(300lb) 3.3%(600lb) *Prices are listed per meter

11mm Classic Static EZ Bend

11mm (7/16") Classic Static Rope - MBS:29.1kN, Weight: 82g/m, Elongation: 1.2%(300lb) 2.8%(600lb) *Prices are listed per meter

12.5mm Classic Static EZ Bend

12.5mm (1/2") Classic Static Rope - MBS:41.8kN, Weight: 104g/m, Elongation: .8%(300lb) 1.6%(600lb) *Prices are listed per meter

16mm Classic Static EZ Bend

16mm (5/8") Classic Static Rope - MBS:66.7kN, Weight: 160g/m, Elongation: .6%(300lb) 1.3%(600lb) *Prices are listed per meter