The Rize Kwik Loc cable lock can be used as a fast and reliable way to suspend flourescent lighting, HIDs, sound systems, cable trays, fan units or seismic bracing. Cable locks are to be used on static load applications only.


  • Cable locks provide a fast,strong and lightweight solution to the task of hanging electrical and mechanical services.
  • Its time saving qualities have been shown to increase productivity by up to six times compared to traditional hanging methods.
  • Installation requires no specialized training.
  • Cable locks are made of durable metal alloys and stainless steel and combine these qualities with the strength of high tensile wire rope.
  • It allows the installer to position the hangers vertically or at an angle to the suspended object.
  • The Kwik Loc system is lightweight.It is easy to carry and reduces the risk of injury due to the accidental drop of materials during aerial installations.

Zinc Housing

One piece die cast Zinc type Zamac 5 combines major anti-corrosion properties with strength and consistent manufacturing quality.

Locking Wedges

An oil impregnated sintered steel locking wedge is seated in each of two channels. Both wedges incorporate a release pin for easy adjustment. Each wedge makes contact with the wire rope using serrated teeth. These teeth press onto the wire rope and spread the load across the length of the wedge, maximizing grip strength.

Stainless Steel Springs

Each spring is manufactured of type 302 S26 stainless steel.

KL100 KWIK-LOCfor 1/16" & 3/32" Cable

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KL150 KWIK-LOC for 3/32" & 1/8" Cable

part no: KL150
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KL200 KWIK-LOC for 1/8" & 3/16" Cable

part no: KL200
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