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Mil-Spec Assemblies AS9100 Rev. D

Define Your Cable Assembly Depending On End Fitting Type:

Founded in 1971 by James Ryan, VER Sales began as a distributor of small diameter wire rope for the aircraft industry.  In 1975, he purchased our first press to manufacture cable assemblies.  VER quickly expanded from there to supply numerous aircraft manufactures throughout the country.


With over 150 years of combined experience VER Sales has established itself as a quality supplier along with competitive pricing.


VER Sales is currently certitied to AS9100 Rev. D Aerospace Qualifications.

Along with our MIL-Spec capabilities, we offer commercial and industrial cable assemblies at economical prices and quick turn around time.


Our Resources:

· CNC Machining

· Print based MIL-SPEC cable assemblies

· Plastic extruding - both PVC & Nylon

· Cutting - both mechanical & electo-mech flash/fuse

· Cold work swaging (rotary & punch presses

· Synthetic rope splicing

· Manufacture beam clamps, cable ladders, Safety cables

· Manufacture Arborist flip lines

· Fabricate cable railing

· Fabricate chain assemblies

· Manufacture swage eyelets & studs

· Socking distributor of MS, NAS fittins and hardware

· Stocking distributor of MIL-SPEC aircraft calbe and wire rope