Rock Exotica, RockD Carabiner
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Rock Exotica, RockD Carabiner

Product ID: S-RXT-C2T
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Rock Exotica, RockD Carabiner

The Twist-lock (2-stage) carabiner, is a quick-detachable alternative to a screwlock or 3-stage autolocker. Requiring only a twist in the sleeve to open, it makes for an ideal locking carabiner to use in situations where equipment or personnel require rapid deployment or disconnection. In fall protection situations where the carabiner is repeatedly attached and detached, the twistlock can save time and help prevent hand fatigue by shortening the steps to disconnect.

Note that by nature, the twistlock carabiner is more easily opened unintentionally than a 3-stage Autolock or Screwlock. Proper training and adherence to safety standards for your industry is required. 


Gate Twist-lock
Ref # C2 T
MBS-Major 29kN
MBS-Minor 11kN
MBS-Open 9kN
Gate Opening .95" (24 mm)
Weight 2.85 oz (80 gm)
Height 4.5" (114 mm)
Width 2.7" (68 mm)
Color Red/Black
Certification CE/UIAA

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