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30" Tie Down Ground Anchor (Bull Prick)

Product ID: BULL PRICK 30"
Our Price $61.81 Each
30" Tie Down Ground Anchor (Bull Prick)

Save Your Sledgehammer and your back!!

Get a Jackhammer Adaptor and Drive Them In With The Push Of A Button

Not some prewar  old Ford Axle; not something whipped together  out of hot rolled steel with a torch cut point; not some giant double head nail tent stake, but just what you need to stake down your equipment.

CNC machined point on 1-1/4" 1018 Cold Rolled Steel bar stock, with a 4-3/8" x 1/2" Steel top plate, drilled 5/8" in three places to accept your 1/2" shackles for cable or rope attachment. The shaft stub protrudes above the top plate enough for several rounds of mushroom removal.  These High quality BULLPRICKS Ground Anchors are available in 18" and 30" lengths in stock, and Custom lengths are available on special order.

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