Cable Pulleys

Rollcab - Rescue roller
This large roller is designed to be used for evacuations from cable lifts. Suitable for cables up to 55 mm in diameter, the Rollcab is connected to the harness directly with a locking carabiner. The Rollcab must be sued with the Jane Manucroche or Jane MGO lanyard as a backup.
Tandem Cable - Double Fixed-sided pulley for cables
Combines the clean design of the Tandem with twin stainless steel sheaves for use on metal cabes/wire rope.
Tandem Speed - Double in-line pulley, fixed sides
This double in-line pulley comes with ball bearings. it has been designed for use on cables or ropes. For use on ropes of diameter less than 13 mm or cables with a maxium diameter of 12 mm.

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