Our History

Founded in 1972 by James Ryan, VER Sales Inc. began as a distributor of small diameter wire rope for the aircraft industry. Beginning a long tradition of unparalleled customer service, VER Sales quickly became a leading supplier of custom aircraft control cable assemblies. Soon after its creation, VER Sales got involved in the aerospace industry.  We were fabricating aircraft control cables for McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach, CA working 3 shifts for over a year.  Also, in the 70’s & 80’s we were supplying Lockheed, The Skunk Works, Aerojet, Northrup, Rocketdyne, Teledyne along with other support companies for aviation. 

In the 90’s we evolved into supporting NASA, JPL and other prime contractors involved in space technologies.  Our support of the Pathfinder Project in the late 90’s helped with the landing of the Sojourner on Mars.

We are currently fabricating for satellites and launch support for both the government and private industries.  In 2018, we produced parts for the Insight Mission to Mars. Our new certification of AS9100 Rev. D allows VER Sales to continue to advance as a leader in aerospace support for future projects in space and aviation.

Filling the needs of the customers is a hallmark of all successful businesses and so when the entertainment industry started calling for rigging and hardware we answered and became a trusted source for anything that went into producing a movie, stage show or concert. Over the past 46 years, we have contributed by rigging for the blockbusters like Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Avengers series, and many more. Our expert riggers and extremely knowledgeable sales staff have also assisted with Super Bowls, countless concerts, and other live stage performances.

Service, Strength and safety is our mission statement and when it comes to safety, VER Sales is recognized as the leader in equipment and systems for people who work at heights. We are leading the way in fall protection, rescue and rope access equipment, training, inspections and engineered systems. Our Fall Protection Solutions consultants work directly with clients to provide the best solution for their specific application and the training to ensure that their employees know how to use it. Beginning with the initial site survey and our recommendations all the way through to the proper training of users and the re-certification of equipment VER Sales, Inc. is the single source for Fall Protection and Safety.

When James Ryan started the company, he had the vision to see a need and the character to fill it beyond the customer’s expectations. That driving philosophy is carried on today by James Ryan’s sons Craig and Paul Ryan. So, the next time that you need help with a difficult project or just need to buy cable or rigging give us a call or stop by our showroom. We’re here for you.