Fall Protection Training

Since its inception OSHA has been progressively learning how all of us go to work. By starting with broad, generic standards and working with the various industries to provide regulations specific to their tasks, OSHA has created a work environment when specific training is key to every employee. With the advances in equipment and the writing of task based regulations customized training is an absolute necessity for employers.

All employers are required to provide training for their employees, why not provide the most comprehensive training available? We work on location or in our training facilities so that we can accommodate any company’s requests.

Imitated, but never duplicated, the response from our students is always the same:

“We learned more in this class than we did in all of the others combined.”

At VER Sales, Inc. we can provide specific task based training for all of your employees. Our training programs range from 1 hour to 1 week and cover all of the areas related to fall protection, rescue and rope access. Our instructors have over 30 years combined experience in Fall Protection alone and continue to broaden their knowledge with classes taught by other trainers from all over the United States in every discipline of Fall Protection. We train to change attitudes and behavior, which will eventually reflect a safe workplace.

The following are titles of the different training that we provide. If you do not see a type of training that you need to have performed, please contact us and we would be glad to design a course that reflects your needs.

  • Authorized User
  • Competent Person
  • Competent Inspector
  • Basic Rescue
  • Advanced Rescue
  • Rope Access (for SPRAT Certification)