Polypropylene Rope


Polypropylene rope is an extremely economical rope that is strong and lightweight. Polypropylene can be stored wet, and is resistant to mildew, most chemicals, and marine organisms. Polypropylene will float and can be manufactured in a variety of colors, or color combinations with yellow as the standard. This rope is available to U.S. Federal Standard Mil-R-24049B. Most common put-ups are 600' and 1200' spools. Cut lengths and assemblies are also available. Popular uses include water and snow ski ropes, pool rope, pole rope, guy rope, hotline rope, construction barrier rope, nuclear barrier rope, electric utility rope, California truck rope, and safety barrier rope. Variegated polypropylene rope is commonly used as barge rope, trash rope, or leaving line rope.

Polypropylene is susceptible to UV degradation and should be inspected regularly if used outside over a long term.

Polypropylene has excellent resistance to most acids and alkalines, except chlorosulfonic, concentrated sulfuric acids, and chlorinated hydrocarbons at 160°F. Polypropylene also withstands most diluted bleaching solutions.