On any given day, a visit to any job site in the USA will unveil fall protection equipment being used that is potentially dangerous because of wear, neglect, misuse, age, or exposure. This alone can be deadly and expensive, now add in the cost of the fine and you have a huge cost that could have been avoided by simply following the inspection guidelines provided with every new piece of fall protection equipment. CA OSHA requires inspections be performed not less than twice annually. All engineered systems should be inspected and recertified annually by a Certified Installer.

VER Sales provides Competent, Certified Inspection for all major manufacturers fall protection equipment and systems. Our Certified Installers will complete a comprehensive inspection and detailed report of their findings. 

VER Sales is authorized to recertify and repair the following systems:

  • DBI/ SALA - Sayfglida, Evolution, Self Retracting Lifelines
  • Miller – SOLL Engineered Systems, Self Retracting Lifelines
  • Uniline – Uni -8, Uni -16, Unirail and other Engineered Systems
  • Tractel – Engineered systems FallStop and GripHoist products
  • Spanco/ RigidLifelines – Truss Track Engineered Systems

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