The WOW™ has a tough polymer case that converts instantly from flashlight to head lamp and features a unique textured reflector, eliminating 'hot spots'. It also features a head that tilts 180°. When you need a comfortable, hands-free light as part of your work day (or a camping trip), trust Streamlight to deliver.
The WOW converts instantly from a powerful flashlight into a comfortable headlamp.
Model Battery Bulb Material Weight
(with battery)
Length Run
Special Features
WOW™ Two AA alkaline 2.4 Volt 1.3 watt, Krypton base KPR-104 Shock resistant polymer with elastomeric grip; unbreakable Lexan® lens. 5.6 ounces 5 inches Up to 3.5 hours Convertible flashlight/head lamp; 180° tilting head; large rotary on/off switch.
Lexan® is a registered trademark of General Electric

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