8AX Commander

It is hard to say enough about the quality, performance, and value of this flashlight. It shares the same basic patented design and uses the same batteries and charger as the 8NX. What's different is its premium aluminum construction, with full hard anodized finish and the use of optically coated tempered Pyrex for the window in the bezel. The 8AX000 is the flashlight only (no charger) and comes with one B90 rechargeable battery which gives 110 lumens of light for 50 minutes. The 8AX light is also sold as part of a complete system: the 8AX415, which comes with two B90 batteries, the rapid/smart AC/DC charger, and a DC auto adapter.


Premium aluminum rechargeable light:

  • Premium precision machined high strength aluminum construction
  • Optically coated Pyrex window
  • Ergonomically and tactically correct switch
  • 110 lumen output for 50 minutes
  • Unequalled in cost effective performance
    li type="disc">Flawless beam, always in focus
  • Compact
  • Excellent Self-Defense tool, as it will temporarily stun a threat by directing the beam into the eyes
  • 8AX000 is the 8AX with one battery and no charging system
  • Available in: Black (BK) or Type III Hard Anodized (HA).