Ascenders & Descenders

Petzl ascenders were originally designed for ascending fixed ropes. They can also be used to address a wide range of secondary needs: helping the second climber, hauling a victim out of a crevasse or up a wall, etc.

All Petzl ascenders are designed to grip the rope tenaciously under the worst conditions. The self-cleaning cam is designed to provide grip even on mud and ice encrusted ropes. The cam features thin teeth that pass between the fibers of the sheath without causing damage. The fine teeth allow for better grip on icy and muddy ropes. The downward angled teeth reduce the friction between the cam and rope for a smoother glide while diminishing the wear on ropes. Most models can be rapidly installed and removed with one hand, so passing intermediate anchors is a quick and easy process. We make a complete range of ascenders to handle every situation